Can an eye exam

save lives?

Work-related injuries can result in employee harm and absenteeism, which is a costly experience for everyone involved. According to a National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report, those with health insurance are more likely to seek treatment. The same goes for eye care.

Not only does having access to vision care come in handy when it comes to workplace eye-related injuries but it also serves as a means of preventative care to support overall health. Research shows that an annual eye exam plays a critical role in the early diagnosis of a myriad of health conditions, ranging from cognitive function and inflammation to heart health and diabetes.

In our new whitepaper, Dr. Mark Ruchman speaks to the benefits of eye exams, the importance of early detection and the financial implications for those without routine vision.

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Table of contents

1. The importance of good vision

2. Annual eye exams = a lifetime of vision

3. The aging eye

4. The leading causes of blindness

5. An inside look at health

6. Eye exams and brain health

7. Eye exams and cardiovascular health

8. Eye exams and diabetes

9. Financial benefits of an annual eye exam

10. Windows to the soul—and health